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Yosemite Foods

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  • Brand Design
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  • Folder Design
  • Brand Maintenance
  • Photography

For over four generations, the Yosemite Foods family has provided quality pork and meat products to wholesale buyers and retail consumers. What started as a small mom-and-pop meat counter in Modesto, CA, has grown into a state-of-the-art meat processing company. We wanted to showcase this tremendous growth with a new logo and brand design, accompanied by a whole new website direction.

Shaping Success

We were approached by Yosemite Meats for a full rebrand, which would eventually include a full retail brand. We instinctively knew they needed a high visibility, strong-clarity brand for a multitude of products. It started with a white text on a solid shaped background, and integrating some red coloring to match the previous brand identity.

New Card, Who's This?

Yosemite Foods has a lot of employees, and we couldn't have found a better way to showcase each individual by expressing their name in the high contrast white bar, with the contact information in the red zone. We printed these with rounded corners to mimic the logo shape for branding unification.

Outside the Box

Moshpit wanted to take a simple box design and push it further, answering all the questions that could arise with product deliveries. Having the location and contact information truly aided the potential confusion that arises with large businesses and orders. The black bars with transparent letters really showcase the information properly.

Rack Life

We love rack cards, which is basically a 4"x9" card for business information. While the traditional tri-fold is usually the go-to, we like to think rack cards become a take home for you to educate yourself initially, and then head to the website for the full monty.

Digital Delicacy

Food always looks amazing in person, but it's hard to relay in print. We took YF's brand and completed it online with rich photography, consistent copywriting and overall a pleasure to browse through. There's quite a lot of information to be presented, so taking the majority of the important details was key, and presenting them in an enjoyable manner was achieved.
Check it out here >

Signs of Success

Our logo for Yosemite Foods has been printed over 200,000 times since we completed their rebrand. This sign is quite possibly the largest to date, spanning 10' wide and contains a light source internally. When we have our logo enlarged to that scale, it's always a pleasure to see it off the screen and presented properly.


Michael Lau

Yosemite Foods Inc. President

“We knew Yosemite Foods (Yosemite Meats) needed a rebrand, and we wanted to work with a local agency so we could have a hands on approach to our projects and digital needs. Pete and his team worked diligently on our logo and overall feel for our company, making our transition easy and overall taking our company into the future instead of being left behind.”