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Surfers of Tomorrow

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  • Business Card Design

Surfers of Tomorrow wanted to explore a more universal logo, which ultimately included a high contrast design and solid surf coloring. Moshpit has many roots in the surf community, so having the chance to work closely with the local surf professionals on a world wide brand and business operations was a treat. Surfers of Tomorrow has also branched out past the WSL surf contests (SLO CAL OPEN) and is working with local groups in the Pismo Beach, Morro Bay and other various beach towns.

Keep It in Motion

Surfers of Tomorrow is a great name for their non-profit mission. We wanted to iconically represent the movement of tomorrow, while keeping the surf vibe in tact. From the coloring to the sans-serif font, we feel this logo works wonders for SOT, and will be easily recognized as they continue to grow.

Surfing the Web

We've brought a modern design to the classic surf culture, providing a decent amount of information throughout the website. SOT produces 2 surf contests a year (SLO CAL Open) with an abundance of sponsors and professional athletes. We felt the super mobile-friendly design completed the website project nicely, brah.
Check it out here >

Pier Perfect

This is a combination of the previous logo before Moshpit took over the brand. The pier was a black and white drawing, so we brought it some life by adding color, text integration, and overall unique design approach.

Sponsoring Success

This sponsor packet won the hearts of local supporters; without them, this non profit and its events would never have existed. With some local photography from Jonathan Reis and Ryan Hill, we completed the cover with a geometric split to ease the reader on the difference of events.

Rock Like a Pro

Surfers of Tomorrow's second event, the Rock Pro, was our 2nd logo for the WSL QS surf events. We knew the rock from Morro Bay, CA, had to be in the logo - it's such a stunning landmark that you can never forget once you've seen it with your own eyes. With a nice type treatment and surfer coloring, this logo is ready to last a lifetime - just like the rock!

Shape Shifter

We love geometry. If you've been digging in our portfolio, you definitely know by now. We repeated the circle design into SOT's business cards to promote the geometric feel that is ever so present in our lives. This simple business card design promotes Andy's info nicely, and it's printed on some quality paper by yours truly.

Guiding the Light

This event guide is one piece of the branding package for Surfers of Tomorrow's events. The nice green gradient broke up the pier pilings, as they were demanding your eye's attention. Here you can find the original Pismo Beach Open logo we worked with.

SLO Cool

SLO CAL, the leading agency that captivates SLO County's vibe, worked with Moshpit to rebrand the WSL contests. There's a decent amount of projects in the work for these rebrands, but here's a sneak peak into what we've created so far.

Check It Out!

Big checks are cool. So cool that we wanted to make it even cooler - by adding the branding of the original surf contest design. There's actually a lot that goes on behind the scenes for these contests, and sometimes it's the little things that resonate with the masses. This here is one of those elements, as this check is probably shared more than any other element of the contest. In print form, of course.


Andy McKay


“After meeting with Moshpit, I knew we were going to expand and scale our brand and presence tremendously. Peter can deliver incredible designs in a quick manner, something that I’ve always been nervous about. We can talk on the phone or even over a couple texts and Pete’s on it.”