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SLO Cider

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  • Merchandise Design
  • Menu Design
  • Website Design & Development
  • Product Design
  • Brand Maintenance

What started as a collective effort to make delicious cider, SLO Cider has already made a huge impact in the community. With a fresh approach to cider design, Moshpit encouraged to go beyond the current trends in the alcohol beverage market and push a local effort - showcasing the Central Coast of Califonia through imagery and design. We’ve only touched the surface of this brand package, so be on the lookout for some major progress.

Traditional & Trendy

SLO Cider is a new hard cider beverage company based in San Luis Obispo, CA. We knew the desire to have an awesome and high-contrast logo would be our first effort, and the rest is history. This logo is visibly appealing at any size, and encourages a clean and legible feel, which is not always easy to achieve. We insist the white lettering to dominate the color scheme, as it's always bright and crispy amongst any background.

SLO Town!

This label design was pushed by our team for quite a while. We wanted to achieve so many levels of design and aesthetic praise that it took almost 8 months to perfect. It boasts a narrative description, California-shaped barcode, an infinite mountain range (rotate the can, man), and gold foiling on the actual print sleeve. There's wordplay and alliterations to complete the feel and design of SLO, along with a family of flavors.

Coloring Consistency

We felt the can design was strong enough to incorporate any colorway, and by the looks of it - it works. Cider can be altered into many flavor palettes, so we made an effort to have the cans maintain the important design aesthetics while allowing the colors to indicate different flavors to the customer.

Sparkling Warmth

SLO Cider's merchandise needed to be custom and appealing, especially with the brand coming out of the gates. Each merchandise piece has a custom design, along with a selection of amazing apparel and unique items, all sourced and created by Moshpit.

Direct to your Door

SLO Cider has a unique license that allows DTC (Direct to Consumer) product selling and delivery. We worked with OrderPort, an alcohol-based sales software, and integrated a seamless shopping cart that allows anyone over 21 to purchase SLO Cider and have it delivered to their door! The website also has some other unique bells and whistles, but the shopping experience really takes the apple to the next level.
Check it out here >

Sweet Stickers

We love Shepard Fairey's quote "The sticker has no meaning but exists only to cause people to react, to contemplate and search for meaning in the sticker." 'Nuff said.

Pretty Portraits

SLO Cider's team is a unique blend of a solid cider-maker, sales guru and marketing mastermind. We snapped some portraits and integrated the 1970's feel SLO Cider is going for, keeping a unified feel for the team. Additionally, we're promoting the focus on the people behind the brand rather than the customers, as they are working their butts off to create this awesome beverage and brand.

Circle and the Square

We worked in a circle design with the 3 defining elements of SLO Cider: established year, product theme, and location. This here was a gift (plush blanket) for the team's captain. Let's just say he was warming with glee!

Stitching SLO

We wanted to showcase the logo in an embroidery format - it's so cool to look closely at the stitching/digitizing of the logo. We feel the distance between letters and the overall design size allows this logo to work in a variety of applications.


Nate Adamski

SLO Cider Partner

“When looking for a local designer, we searched long and hard through a lot of local agencies and designers. We were attracted to Moshpit’s bold, high-contrast designs, and once we met Pete, we knew we had found our match. We have worked on literally every project with Pete and his team, which has grown from a logo design into a complete branding package, and continues to grow as we grow together. Cheers!”