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Restorative Partners

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When making an impact, there are few that make such an incredible offering like Restorative Partners. This non-profit in San Luis Obispo, CA, specializes in aiding with the incredibly-challenging transition the incarcerated experience when coming out of jail. From housing, employment, to basic life skills and therapy are just a few services Restorative Partners offers. We are just breaking ground on what we feel will be a lifelong journey for our two businesses. Making an impact is what both parties are good at!

Deep Integration

Restorative Partners represents so many aspects of love and human nature, so we really needed to focus on the main aspect of their message: the relationship. There was a lot of work that went into this logo, from the hands icon to maintaining their colors and font family from their previous logo.

Digital Clarity

RP does so much for the community, from their amazing programs to outreach assistance and more. We've worked hard to make sure all of their services are delivered in a clean, concise manner without creating a bunch of questions for the consumer. We're hoping to circle around and see how their ROI was after some time on the internet.
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Handout Harmony

With their new facelift, Restorative Partners needed to bring the brand to life through all their media and print, so their business cards were first in promoting the new look and feel. With high contrast, bright coloring and clean typography, this business card design (and print) makes the impact they were hoping for.

Trifold Treatment

While this image shows the flat art of the new trifold we created for RP, you can see how the heart image lines up when folded in half. This design is really cool - it starts with the mission statement on the cover, then opens to their services and what they represent, and then continues to open to their multitude of programs and more. We really enjoyed pushing the design to narrate their programs.

Analytic Appeal

With all non-profits, it's very important to showcase the impact of your services. We took their data and created a clean design that delivered their yearly efforts with minimal distractions. RP impacts so many lives, and the data speaks for itself, but delivering the content is so important and we're happy to use our magic in making an impact for the viewers.

Finishing Touches

Over the years, Moshpit likes to "print" our logos and branding elements so we can see our work in the wild. This here is a 3' wall sticker we made, and when this logo is plottered out at that size, it really makes an impact. We strive to make our logos legible from the smallest form possible all the way to huge printing presentations. It's just good design!


Sister Theresa Harpin

Founder, Program Leader

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