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Petra Grill

  • Logo Design
  • Merchandise Design
  • Package Design
  • Digital Menu Design
  • Apparel Printing
  • Sticker Design
  • Sticker Printing

Petra Mediterranean Pizza & Grill is a stand-out restaurant from San Luis Obispo, CA. They specialize in consistent, mouth-watering Mediterranean dishes and more. We’ve been working with Petra for over 6 years, and a fresh line of merchandise was just delivered! Petra really has shaped to be one of the icons of the SLO restaurant scene, and we’re happy to continue our business relationship.

Location, Location, Location

Petra approached Moshpit for a logo design that would represent the homeland of their food, along with a clean and sophisticated look. We completed the design with a Mediterranean text treatment, an incorporation of Jordan's star and a green colorway. We then completed the package with an icon of Petra, which all together looks nice and complete.

Topping the Competition

Winning awards is great, but letting the public know can be challenging. We wanted to educate the customer of their prize, alongside a mouthwatering pizza to represent the success of their food. This is a canvas wrapped image on their restaurant wall, and it came out great!

We Want It Now!

Petra can get busy sometimes. Like, really busy. So we implemented a couple CTA's at the top of their website (that we did years ago) for the customer to access their food in a faster and less traditional way than waiting in line. Creating a portal for users to order delivery or pickup their food at the restaurant saves everyone time, including the little profits that slip away without technology integration.
Check it out here >

Mediterranean Merch

Petra has a cool identity and brand package, and what better way to get it to the masses than apparel and merchandise. This logo is rather cool, with a sun-setting pizza and camel reference to represent the warmer areas of the world. Merch is a great way to advertise your products while covering the cost with the sales of those products! Win-win.

Keeping It Going

You picked up lunch for the office. You're walking to your car, through the parking lot, through the break room, and everyone is smelling the goodies you have beside you. However, everyone knows where the food is from; not from just the scent, but they can read the bag and recognize the logo! We encourage branding your everyday items, as it helps out so much.

What's on Tap

Petra's happy hour is nothing but pure gold. However, they rotate in new delicious brews often, and they needed a digital solution that could be updated from their end. We made an appealing design in an editable PDF that Petra's crew can update and navigate, making their jobs a helluva lot easier and ultimately pleasing the beer drinkers alike!


Rammy Aburashed


“Where do I begin? Pete and his Moshpit team have always helped us whenever we’re in need of something new, fresh, modern, or even classic. His team always provides quality designs and out of the box ideas to shape our brand on a repetitive level.”