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Papa Roach

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We couldn’t be happier to work with rock stars, as their visionary goals are above and beyond most clients. They take the road less traveled by, and employ risk within their creative approach, ultimately making a great harmony with Moshpit. Papa Roach has been long time friends of Moshpit, and continually reaches out for branding assistance and more. Viva la Cucaracha!

When the Stars Align

Papa Roach was in need of an icon, one that would represent their message, brand and a twist on geometry. This logo was integrated into their stage designs, kick-drum logo and merchandise to name a few. We can't stress how important it is to keep your branding letters white with a high-contrast background as you can see here.

The Evolution of the Roach

Moshpit took the long standing upside down roach design that Papa Roach has used since day one and broke down the aesthetic shape into multiple shapes. This design also broke the typography of their name into geometric shapes as well, adding a full custom feel to their overall design.

Merch Mayhem

With the trend of profitable merchandising with bands, Moshpit has created a ton of designs for Papa Roach over the years. We usually like to take a different approach to their brand, as the rock and metal scene is usually skulls and black everything. This design is a cool blue, face forward and promotes a sans-serif font for maximum legibility.

Pass Presentation

You've worked your butt off to get to the show. You've spent your hard-earned money on the experience of a lifetime - a VIP backstage pass to meet your rock gods. We knew this was going to make an impact, and probably stay with the fans for the rest of their lives. We love how our icon stands out and looks on chrome!

Type Treatments

For this design, and like most of our designs, we find typography such an impacting promotional element. Papa Roach has been making rock hits for over 20 years and we find this slogan to fit in perfectly with their image.

Musician Mentality

This design has a plethora of elements that represent most rock bands - moto, skulls, mohawks... We wanted to get some neat photoshopped ideas into their hands to spawn some ideas for album art, tour merchandise and more.