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Modern Welding

  • Logo Design
  • Brand Design
  • Merchandise Design
  • Website Design & Development

Providing welding to Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties since 2005, Modern Weld has taken a frontrunner position for custom projects and metal fabrication. With a fresh approach to their logo and brand, we see this company taking a large claim in their business sector.

Can You Say Modern?

This logo is a great representation of an effective design for a simplified company. Modern Weld wanted a logotype that could easily be stenciled on projects, while being legible from far away distances or smaller applications. We added a geometric feel to incorporate the industry's traits that are assimilated naturally.

Modern Yet Timeless

Simple. That's all Modern Weld asked for. Moshpit kept the design to a minimum without feeling minimal at all. Their portfolio speaks for itself, and we let the projects do the talking. We just wanted the user to navigate through them properly and effortlessly.
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Building the Blocks

We LOVE incorporating textures into digital and print environments, but sometimes the company isn't necessarily the right fit. However, Modern Weld looks and feels great amongst the concrete background, as well as the white space to complete the solidified design.