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Mission Private Wealth

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  • Apparel Printing
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  • Sticker Printing

With the stock market at an all time high, financial planners and wealth managers are really being put to the test. All markets fluctuate, however your brand shouldn’t. The brand foundation for Mission Private Wealth is now united, from all visual fronts and behind the scene projects. We feel this is the start of something big, so please check back in the near future for updates.

Financial Feels

Mission Private Wealth needed a brand that matched their perspective and feel, especially the professionalism they bring to their clients. There are inherent aesthetics to financial branding, and Moshpit has years of experience and success when representing the financial culture. This logo and icon boasts the feel of the financial industry and MPW couldn't agree more.

Website Wealth

From content creation to an overall financial feel, we took MPW's website to the next level with a professional approach and sophisticated design. The colors, copywriting and digital development takes the brand and message from their business to an online presentation. When you browse through their website, you don't get lost in content, but rather follow the narrative and feel at ease with the delivery of information.
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Identity Relativity

Within their business strategies, Mission Private Wealth has multiple advantage-points that assist your financial organization. We took it a step further and branded their main process, "Wealth Check," and gave it a logotype in itself. While the customer notices the brand similarities initially, they are soon engaged with their process for a solid financial plan and more.

United Update

MPW's connectivity to their clients is one of their most important procedures for their clients. We branded, curated and initially wrote the copy for their newsletters, while designing a branded feel and informative direction that is consistent with their brand and beliefs.

Harmony Handouts

This business card design delivers all the required content from LPL Financial, while not overloading the viewer with content. We broke up the information in tiers of color and in the order of which the customer ultimately needs. We then printed this business card on 38pt velvet finish with a blue accent wall, and boy, they sure look nice!

Photography Presentation

We are always hoping our clients are willing to showcase themselves in their own brand and website, and Ryan Olson was more than happy to take professional photos with us. A clean, polished photo of yourself helps relay who you are and what you're about. There's no way around it, and it's so important for our clients.


Ryan Olson, CFP®, MBA


“We were at a roadblock with Mission Private Wealth’s brand. We felt it just wasn’t there visually, and we heard through the small town of business professionals that Pete and Moshpit would be a great fit. We started collaborating and immediately connected with ideas, colors and designs. We were a little hesitant as the name Moshpit seems more music-industry related, but as you can see, Pete can create anything you can think of. Thanks Moshpit!”