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Founded in small-town Atascadero, CA, this small yet powerful manufacturing company has grown to be a national phenomenon. Winning best new invention for The Work Truck Show in 2014, Liftgator’s success has grown ever since, considered as the new way to look at liftgates into the future. Moshpit was brought in right after the initial logotype was developed internally, and the projects kept coming for over 6 years.

Trusting Texture

Liftgator is a culmination of many different aspects of business - technology, tradition and testing. We wanted a brand identity to match their efforts, including metal textures, bright coloring and clean presentations. Their brand stands out amongst the clutter of their industry, especially at trade shows.

Purchasing Power

The big question - shall we sell our products on our own website or be simply a distributor - was finally answered after years of discussion. Our seamless approach to Liftgator's online store has boosted the company's sales tremendously, which needed a shopping cart experience with tailored shipping options, product levels and custom fields. A dynamic map showcasing retailers was also on the forefront for the design, all encompassing one thing - lifting a heavy digital project is much easier after working with Moshpit.
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Product Diversity

Liftgator initially started with one product and one name. Since the addition of multiple products, including tiers within each product, Moshpit was responsible for diversifying the names without losing the brand motif. These logos were applied vinyl on the metal platforms, roughly 2' wide and supplied by Moshpit.

All the Details

LG didn't want to swamp the potential customer with all the details that surrounded their products, but it was inevitable to project an abundance of information via print. Moshpit organized the content, completed the copywriting, and produced these brochures in a perfected manor, bringing all the little details to light without any heavy lifting on the eyes.

Simplified Experience

Keeping a Liftgator on the product floor was a huge impression on the potential customer, and Moshpit was responsible for projecting the product information properly. This included a sign with consolidated bullet points, a spot for brochures and completing the display with a vinyl sticker for the metal plate.

Additional Add-Ons

Moshpit was responsible in watering down the logo presentation with a text-only application. This was completed with a black background shape, allowing this design to be placed on light or dark products.


Justin Russo


“We initially came to Moshpit when we wanted to expand from a local business to a company with a national presence. We needed a website, marketing materials, and brand which was on par with our growing business. Moshpit quickly became a critical partner with our company, working with us throughout our stages of growth, and have continued to exceed expectations. Peter always understands what we are looking to accomplish, and produces impactful results.”