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Since 2013, Hash Artist Farms has been dedicated to quality cannabis. HAF currently stretches across the Northern and Central regions of California, which enables them to grow, inspect, and extract all under one roof. Moshpit was expecting the cannabis industry to reach out sooner rather than later, and our partnership with HAF has been a great experience. We wanted to provide a unique brand that would stand out on the shelf, as well as everywhere this logo goes.

Against the Grain

With the booming cannabis industry, HAF came to us with the intent to break the mold, and stand out amongst the ever growing competition. We knew a bold, geometric design would leave a lasting impression to potential customers, but also implying the color red to break the mold of green and yellow traditional coloring.

Packaging Impact

Once the logo was designed, the next challenge was to brand the cartridges and overall collateral package with the same intention of the logo design - hard edges, bold coloring and geometric shaping. We took the design to the next level, branding the cartridge flavor directly and keeping it visible before opening. Educating the customer is a must within this industry.

For the Masses

Brand unity can ultimately separate you from your competition, and as you can see here - we've replicated the feel of HAF's brand to promote full brand recognition. We also shot this on black acrylic, which is a nice touch for their digital presence.

Oils Online

While the cannabis market varies online, we understand the importance of having a digital footprint at minimum for Hash Artist Farms, and keeping a simple and informed online presence was our strongest approach.
Check it out here >

Tradeshow Terpenes

Everything in this photo was created by Moshpit (minus the humans, you silly goose). We love taking the brand to new highs, including the design and production of tradeshow booths, tradeshow collateral and enticing ways to lure in the customers for samples and more.

Marijuana Merch

Customers want to represent their favorite brands - plain and simple. We took HAF to the next level with all types of custom headwear, hoodies and henley's to name a few. We handle the design and production of all of our clients merchandise.

Pot Packaging

There's a variety of products that suit HAF's customers, and we are still going down the rabbit hole of opportunities. We also love showcasing our photography here, as it makes their products shine past their competition.

Digital Delivery

There's something to be said about a digital menu - it gives the client room to change on the fly, as well as showcase their true colors, imagery and messaging. We love print, but we encourage digital presentations of content for a multitude of advantages.

Stacked Success

The brand at it's best. Seeing the replication of design enhances the experience to the customer. Unity just wins, and clearly here you can see the organized repetition of product design through our photography.