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  • Vehicle Design
  • Website Design & Development
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Social Media Management

Culbert Construction & Plumbing is family owned and operated and has provided San Luis Obispo County with honest and reliable service since 1979. We wanted to showcase their professional work ethic with a new logo and brand direction. We’ve complemented this with our photography, videography and social media management package.

All In One

Culbert came to us with a script logo that they were fond of, however it needed some work to make it complete with all their information. There's quite a lot of details built into this logo, but we feel the black and white application with white lettering took care of the chaos that could have ensued. Keeping this logo and content in a solid shape really enhanced their brand, and the while lettering is always bold and easy to read.

Merch for Days

The Culbert team goes through a ton of apparel, as they should. Getting into the trenches of work, we designed, developed and printed their work apparel for maximum brand unity, and created some cool apparel that is constantly worn outside of the job site as well. Who said your uniform can't be cool?

Above the Grade

Culbert needed to showcase their services digitally so customers could be aware of all their offerings, including 24-hour emergency help. We droned their current projects, created a tagline and enhanced their online experience all together. Now they are ranking on the first page for construction and plumbing services, which ultimately has brought more customers.
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Proposal Perfection

When you have to pump out proposals constantly, Moshpit agreed that we could create a more automated approach for the Culbert team. We developed software built to the backend of their website that they could access anywhere, and create a proposal that keeps the content consistent to each proposal, but also emails the potential client directly. We also developed a change order request that a worker could create on the job site with their phone - maximum time efficiency!

Bird's Eye View

Like all of outdoor clients, Moshpit emphasizes the benefit of drone photography to showcase the scale and scope of their projects. This unique project was nestled in a beautiful neighborhood in San Luis Obispo, and the Culbert team did an excellent job in a tight space, which is shown here.

Stand Out

These business cards contain a decent amount of information, but keep the overwhelming feeling of words to a minimum. We always like to promote out of the box designs, so we were able to shape this business card around the circular logo. We hear it all the time - and we find this so important: Wow, this is a cool business card. We always say you get one chance to plant your mental seed, and the take home (print item) from that meet 'n greet can land you the job and potential business relationship.

Vehicle Visibility

Culbert stepped up their game and purchased the dream truck for their team. This beast has all the bells and whistles for any project, and what better way to get their full ROI than to blast it with their brand and geometric shapes. This ambulance feel turns heads immediately, and people never forget the company that's driving one of the most recognizable trucks on the road.

Sticker Standout

It's rather apparent how much a sticker can help your business. Culbert constantly adds their brand to their projects for pleasure as well as business requirements, so we helped their team with a high contrast, long lasting screen-printed sticker application.

A Step Further

Keeping a professional feel after you leave a project is key, and these stickers keep the brand going. Each project, mainly home installs, needed to have a branded area for the installer and customer to access. This project has worked wonders for their team, as it unifies the branding and delivers a well-played message for the customer.


Jeff Culbert

Founder, General Contractor

“We’ve been expanding over the last 5 years, and we knew we had to get a logo going that could scale with our growth. Pete understood what we wanted, and was able to maintain our previous identity’s font and update the look with a fresh feel. From there, we explored all types of projects, from merchandise to custom proposal software. Moshpit has been a great help, and they always answer the phone when we call or text!”