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Club Cannon has become the leader in the C02 marketplace, starting with handheld cryo-guns and now offering complete systems for venues and professional artists alike. We were lucky enough to develop the initial branding for this local company, and subsequently they have progressed into being a powerhouse in their industry. Look out for these guys as their future is looking bright.

Graphic Glow

For over 8 years, Moshpit has branded Club Cannon, and the evolution of their logo is presented here. Originally, CC produced hand-held cryo FX guns, and quickly spread their product line into anything cryo, especially for nightclubs and touring artists. We took their original logo we created with the cryo-gun and brought a more universal feel with a unique lightning bolt within the double NN's, and the rest is history!

Case in Hand

Taking Club Cannon's identity design a step further, we implemented their brand into their products, including photography of each item. This case was crafted by Club Cannon, and it's cool to see their logo embedded into the hoses, cryo-gun and more.

Impeccable Legibility

Club Cannon took their product labeling a step further, adding UV ink to their product design. This enables the professionals that are in charge of the experience to use black light technology for easy readability without turning the lights on.

Iconic Icon

When applying your logo and brand to merch, we feel there's more to just simply placing your logo on a shirt or hat. We 3D-puffed the embroidery and kept it icon only on the front of the hat, creating an inquisitive approach to the brand, while having the company name and logo on the side.

Welcoming to the Wrap

We've designed a handful of car wraps, each promoting the brand in a unique way and turning heads, of course. Club Cannon's wrap is no exception, promoting their main products (Co2) into the design. We had some big plans to add a Co2 cannon out the back, but realistically we could get in trouble on the streets, so we're saving it for the trade shows.

Cryo eCommerce

We're extremely proud of Club Cannon's website we designed and developed. It boasts custom coding for layered product fields, a killer UX experience and a flawless shopping environment from start to finish. Lots of bells and whistles here on the back-end making this website one of a kind.
Check it out here >


Pat Grow


"We have worked with Moshpit since our inception, and it has always been a great experience. From simple logo design, to complex website requirements, their team has always been able to handle it, and exceed our expectations. They are forward thinking, and have helped us take our brand to the next level."