A small town appeal with a large-scale workforce, High Street Deli is a true one-of-a-kind client. These guys crank out some of the best sandwiches around, which is self-evident once you’ve experienced their amazing sandos, coupled with the coolest retro environment and laid back operation. Their beer selection is also one of the finest in town and made even more refreshing when enjoyed on their brand new patio. Moshpit developed just about all their marketing collateral, including business consulting and more. They liked our work so much they named a sandwich after our creative director.


  • Website Design and eCommerce Development
  • Custom Apparel
  • To-Go Menu Design and Printing
  • Business Cards Design and Printing
  • Merchandise Design and Printing / Installation
  • Menu Design and Printing / Installation
  • Package Design and Printing
  • Social Media Design