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Branding San Luis Obispo, CA

August 01, 2017


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With the economical boost in San Luis Obispo, along with the desire to brand your business, Moshpit has been actively working with local clients to promote their localism within their branding. Our creative director Pete Ayer has lived in SLO since 1997, and has an exclusive approach on the SLO aesthetics. He’s produced many logos with the famous Bishop Peak and Cerro San Luis, the most famous landmarks within the San Luis Obispo downtown region. Originally, just putting these mountains in a logo was a unique way to promote the local area, but over time Pete realized the power these icons harness, and promoted the value of these great brand elements to his clients.

Are you a local business in San Luis Obispo in need of some graphic design? Does your brand need the SLO representation to aesthetically please your customers? Let us know!